Vitamix 5200 – Affordable & Easy to Use

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Finding an affordable blender that can perform useful and handy functions daily can be difficult in old times but soon after the arrival of Vitamix in the market this problem was solved. The Vitamix introduced the new and industrial grade blenders at an affordable prices which you can get to ease your kitchen work. The company offers a wide range of blenders for the customers and all of them can perform functions which no other blender can do.

From this vast collection of blender there is one of the best and renowned blender called Vitamix 5200. This blender is unique and best for household use and can also be used in small restaurant and cafes. This blenders has everything to offer for a house-cook including speed controls, pulse features, and many more.

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The blender comes up with a 64-ounce container that is tall and thick in shape. This design is unique and manufacture especially to throw ingredients directly onto the blades. The ingredients will not spilled all over the container and directly get on to the blades which allows constant blending every time. Moreover, the blender has a 4 inches diameter blades made from stainless steel blades equipped with hammer mill technology to make them more useful to crush and pulverize the ingredients.

These blades, when combined with the powerful motor can easily crush anything you put in it. The blades are design to crush ice, frozen fruits, frozen vegetables, and anything. These blades are safe to wash in water and are totally rust-proof.

The motor this blender has is 2 horsepower that runs on 1380 watts of current. This motor is powerful enough to generate enough force for the blades so that they can easily crush and blend ingredients. This motor can easily over-heat because of its power but to cool it down the Vitamix engineers have installed radial cooling fan in the motor base.

Moreover, the Vitamix has installed a variable speed controls in this blender which you can use to get the desired texture of each and every recipe you make in it. These speed controls can be adjust by simply rotating the dialer on the motor base. There are 10 speed controls which you can adjust during the blending process according to your need. You don’t have to stop the blender to change the speed all you have to do is to rotate the dialer and you are done. Moreover, the blender also offers the pulse feature which you can use to manually get your desired texture of each and every recipe you make in it.

Furthermore, the blender also offers the self-cleaning function which is very handy and useful and can save a lot of time. Thanks to this feature the blender can automatically clean itself without getting disassembled. To activate this feature you just need to put some water and drop of dish soap into the container and turn it on. The blender will automatically clean itself within 30 seconds.

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