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I am a 40 years old guy with no physical activity nor any gym, living at Texas, with busy schedule at my work place from 08:30 to 06:00 pm and does not have the privilege to enjoy my personal and social life, as when I reach home at 07:00 I was not able to give time to my family or any other social gathering or outings with kids or family. I went to bed at 09:30 and sometimes I felt that I am not being fair and sincere with my family and myself.    The laziness also affects my official efficiency and sometimes it took more than the expected time to complete my assignments.   Even on the week-ends, I did not go out and prefer to stay at home, as I felt TV and bed as my relaxation point.

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One fine week end, my better half had a detailed discussion with me and she very sincerely advise me to join some gym, so that I can be more efficient and fit in my daily life.   I thought about it and could not agree to it because of my laziness and not getting into any act in my life.  

On the next morning, she gave me a glass of protein instead of tea, as I used to take tea before leaving for office.   I asked her about the tea and she sincerely asked me to leave the tea and drink the protein glass daily.    I could not have refused to her and finish the glass in one go.   Believe me or not, it was a different drive altogether at office and I thought that it was weekend rest which is keeping me fresh.

In the night as well, she gave me the same protein glass instead of milk and I drank it with pleasure.  I slept very well in the night and wake up early at 06:00 am before my kids leaving for school.   I took breakfast with my kids and they were also very happy having me on the table.   I then myself ask my wife to give me the protein drink which she served with a meaningful smile. I asked her about the protein drink, what it is and who referred it and she wrote the protein drink name on a paper and asked me to view the website.   One of her friend suggested the MyProtein for me and I can feel the freshness of that glass today as well. She was very kind to also give us a Myprotein Discount Code 50% Off: 45% Off Reddit code which was another reason why I was convinced to try this protein shake.

In the lunch break, I reviewed the MyProtein window and select and ordered some more items as “All Natural Peanut Butter” for my kids and “Impact Whey Protein” for myself.   When I reach home at 07:00 I asked for the Protein glass instead of tea and sat with the family in common room, playing with my kids instead of going to bedroom.   I was unable to understand the positive changes in me and discuss the things with my wife.   She influenced me to take the protein diet daily which will make me more fit and efficient and healthy as well.   I could see the changes in myself also without getting into any gym or exercise activities.

My efficiency in work is increased, my life is happier, and I can now spend more time with my kids and taking them out for dine inn and picnics in the week-ends, and surprisingly all these activities keep me more fit and focused. I thank you to my better half, her friend and above all, MYPROTEINS for bringing positive changes in my life.

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