How to Recognize Brake System Failure

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A car, you will admit, is a combination of many systems. There is the brake system, the engine transmission system, the lighting system, and many others.

No doubt all of us are not car enthusiasts or do not have so much interest in the cars we drive that we would be on top of all the car maintenance and repair issues before they arise.

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The Braking System of a Modern Vehicle

All modern cars these days are fitted with hydraulic brakes on all four wheels that are system operated traditionally the front brakes are considered more important than rear brakes. This is chiefly because during the braking process, it has been seen that weight is shifted towards the front of the car.

Due to this fact, you will find that disc brakes are often used in the front. In contrast, drum brakes are generally used for the back wheels. However it has been seen that many luxury vehicles and other expensive cars use disc brakes for both front and rear wheels.

Hydraulic Brakes

The main type of brake system in a modern car is the hydraulic system. This functions with the help of cylinders that are connected through brake pipes that receive brake fluid through the hydraulic brake system.

How it Works

So when in the process of driving, you push the brake pedal, this will cause a pushrod to exert force on the piston in the master cylinder. This further leads to brake fluid flowing into a pressure chamber that leads to an increase in pressure of the hydraulic system.

The increased pressure forces the fluid through hydraulic lines towards one or more caliper pistons. These in turn apply force to the brake pads of the vehicle. So all in all, the components of a hydraulic braking system in a modern car include the brake pedal, the brake master cylinder, the wheel cylinders, the brake boosters, and the brake pipelines. 

Checking Brake Pads and Rotors

The placement of the brake pads and rotors between the braking system and tires is because they regularly get a great deal of friction and these calls for regular maintenance.

Wear and Tear  

The regular contacts between the tires and the brake pads generate heat and causes wear and tear. If you as a driver notice the smell of burning rubber or that you need to press down on your brake harder to achieve results, then it’s about time you went and got the brake pads and rotors checked. Tell the mechanic to inspect brake pads for depth as well, so that there will be enough resistance when the car is in use. 

Changing the Brake Fluid

Finally, the brake fluid is a crucial element of the car’s braking system and keeps the entire system in good running order. 

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