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Anti-snoring devices are the most effective solution for people who wish to stop snoring. The Airsnore Anti-snoring mouthpiece device opens up the airway and makes breathing easier by gently moving the jaw into a more natural position. There are multiple benefits of using the Airsnore anti-snoring device for people who have snoring issues. Some of the significant benefits are highlighted in this article.


MOVE JAW FORWARD – The device ensures that you always have a healthy, open airway and allows you to breathe better and snore less.

DISCREET – The Airsnore is so modest, you will not even feel it is fixed in your mouth.

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EASY—TO-USE – You can wear it while you sleep, and it will adjust to your facial structure and gently hold your jaw forward, opening up your airway and allowing you to breathe easily and naturally.

MAINTENANCE FREE – There are no straps to lose or tighten and no parts to get lost. The Airsnore deice is easy to use and takes seconds to put on before you are going to sleep.

NATURAL PROCESS – The Airsnore works by gently guiding your lower jaw forward and allowing you to breathe easily and naturally. You will sleep better and snore less and feel more refreshed in the morning.

AIRFLOW THROUGH YOUR NOSE – The Airsnore device ensures that air moves freely through your nose while you are sleeping. This makes it very effective for snoring to stop.


The Airsnore device is made of thermoplastic and it can be adjusted easily and quickly for a perfect fit in your mouth. The mouthpiece features a boil-and-bite technology that allows its users to remold the device several times, a convenient feature when the shape of your mouth changes for any reason.

Most of the anti-snoring mouthpiece devices available in the market have a one-size-fits design, that can cause improper positioning of the jaw, tongue, and teeth and cannot reduced snoring. These devices could waste your time and efforts with money and could not be beneficial for your snoring issue.

The Airsnore mouthpiece has a breathing hole at its front part that allows easy breathing through the mouth. People who have congestion issues in either the nose or sinus can benefit from the Airsnore device. Since breathing through the nose is an issue, breathing through the mouth makes it easier to maintain oxygen flow into the lungs.

The Airsnore device fits perfectly over the front teeth and acts as a gum shield as well as keeps the tongue and mandible in a forward position. It prevents the muscles of your throat from completely collapsing. Your airways will remain open, and provide adequate space for air to flow in and out of your lungs.

If you have never worn an anti-snoring mouthpiece device overnight, you may likely find the Airsnore mouthpiece a bit unwieldy to wear for the first few nights.  Don’t get confused with it, and wear the device regularly and properly and within a week, you will be more comfortable using it overnight.

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